Well blogs have been around for so long now, it’s not surprising everyone has them, even the illiterate.
Take for example, the few employees who take turns publishing posts on the official Courtney Love site, What Courtney Wore Today.
From what I’ve read in an article about it on the New York Post, it was an employee’s creation and done as a joke, though Courtney herself loved the idea over getting some control over how she looks in pictures that appear online. The idea’s actually a good one though it’s tough to say if she’s succeeded in doing anything to change her image from that of a druggy rock widow whose couture outfits just might have been stolen out of some other chick’s hamper.
However…. the pics are really fun and most are, dare I day, kind of artsy. Usually Courtney posing in some tattered Galliano or Chanel with her hair looking messy and tattoos showing. 
The vibe is similar to many of the other amateur blogs out there where girls show off their designer outfits via the ol’ outstretched arm in the bathroom shots. Only with less Photoshop. Seriously, if some of these photos were retouched I’d be surprised, and that kind of authenticity, or even the appearance of such, is quite refreshing.
The only downside is the writing. Love’s employees can’t spell and don’t really care to try. (Of course any text is usually kept short and Tweet, stuff like who “Clo” is wearing and where she was at the time along with a compliment like “Sooo Kute Kooking.” (At least I think they’re compliments.) But then there are the lovely comments Nirvana fans leave like “murderer” and “whore.” 
So again, not sure this works as a way to control the public image. Nevertheless, I plan to keep checking back. Courtney does have a pretty impressive, eclectic wardrobe and the outfits she posts are typically event outfits: gowns, things for shoots. And she’s not afraid to pair them with things like vintage hats and a badass attitude. So already she’s succeeded where so many blogs have failed because no matter what Courtney Love is, what she ain’t is boring.

A pic from Whatcourtneyworetoday.com